Banda Aceh Tourism - Tsunami Track

Tsunami Track The sad tragedy of the tsunami had passed and left a variety of stories,memories and relics. Now it is the time to rise and change the situation from a tragedy into an opportunity for Acehnese people to live better, prosperous, peaceful and dignified. Therefore, it is our time to maintain and promote the tsunami area as a “Tourism Area”. Thus, it become as the main attraction of tourists to come to Aceh. Besides, it can also be a reminder for the next generation of impact that caused by the disasters, as well as to build public awareness of disaster risk reductions in the future. Some Acehnese believe Tsunami disaster like “a blessing in disguise”. During the civil war the locals couldn’t even pray after 6 pm or they might be trapped in an unpleaseant situation, during their journey back home. Ironicallly the Tsunami gave Acehnese new freedom and that’s why Aceh is so special. Acehnese people after having several difficulties now should have more inner strength.
  • Museum Tsunami 
  • PLTD Apung (Electrical Generator Ship) 
  • Fishing Boat on the Roof 
  • Mass Grave of Ulee Lheue 
  • Thanks to The World Monument